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WORKSHOP 'Emotions' w/ Benjamin Ybri

Get creative with Benjamin's unique approach to climbing

  • Afgelopen
  • 40 euro
  • Kaarderijstraat

Beschrijving van de dienst

Benjamin is an experienced climber and teacher from Italy, with 20 years of teaching-experience under his belt. His approach to climbing is unique, fun and centered around a good body-mind connection. We are thrilled to share his vision on climbing with our community and to provide a space where he can work his magic. A climbing move that seems easy, not difficult to understand, but... Your leg is shaking and you get pumped in less then a second. Why? Fear, sadness, anger, boredom, frustration, awe, joy, enthousiasm, trust, ... How do we deal with these emotions and feelings? How do we improve in climbing with body awareness, through movement. This workshop is a full-day workshop, from 10h till 14u30. Benjamin likes to take his time to teach and make sure each participant is tuned in. This workshop will revolve around 'Emotions' in climbing. Fear, pain and joy, how do we deal with it? Through the heart and the nervous system we feel thees emotions. Register and prepare yourself for a day full of insights.


  • Kaarderijstraat 69, Gent, België

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